Well I figured I would go ahead and start a thread of what Im doing with my build instead of post in other build threads.

I went to the Kershaw chassis but its kicking my butt getting things just the way I want them. A little fab work involved right now to mount the RX8 ESC. I bought a snappy mount but not liking hte clearance for the way Im going to tuck the wiring and the addition of the Yeah Racing dual tornado fan heat sink. Ive not had temp issue but Im going to push the gearing on it to see just how high I can go and still be running 4s so I figured cooling would be in order for the motor.

Not going to be as intuitive as Craig or 87GN's of 50s threads but just a different flavor and Ill post some pics up when Im done. Should have it mosly road ready by torrow.

Ordred up the The Tekno carriers to use with MIPs so I had to run down a set of 6x16x5 bearings which arent all that common. Boca had them in ceramic although be it a bit pricey at $7.99/bearing. The only other was Avid and I just didnt like the looks of them. Also got a Tekno RX box that was made for the REVO to mount in the place of a servo when going single servo. I liked this idea better because its going to make for a cleaner wire install and I wont be crowded up around the motor. I did have to make one modification as the servo screw holes didnt line up. I used one existing side then drilled and tapped a hole from underneath for the other. A short 3mm screw just pokes through the bottom plate. This box is huge! but thats OK as I have an RX switch mounted in it and it leave pletnty of room for the excess wire. The onl thing Im not liking is the entry points for the wire being two large slots so its not anywhere near water proof. Im going to at least make is splash resistant.