I purchased a (new) revo 3.3 on Monday. It snowed some and was just cold out and I didn't have time to play with the truck at all. I had time today, and it was a little warmer out so I decided I would try to play with the truck today. I ran into some trouble getting it to start, and by time I did get it to start it seems that the battery in my ez start is dead, so I only ran the first tank of gas through it. I will be out of light by time the battery is recharged.

Will it hurt anything to wait like 12 hours before running tank 2-5??

Also, I kind of bent my glow plug wire. How do I replace it? I found the replacement wires on the site here, but they don't look like my wire? Mine is all one piece that is like connected to the thing you stick the ez start into??

Thanks for any help