Hi, I run a heavily modified Stampede 4x4 (has come a long way since its first purchase in Sept 2012) and use the Traxxas TQI remote with Iphone and Traxxas link software for telemetry. In the Traxxas link software, you can change your spur and pinion gear sizes, tyres, esc and motor types. There is also an option to change your drive ratio which is set at 2.846 by default. My question is what is this drive ratio number and what does it mean? I've moved from the stock 11t / 54 spur to an 18t/54 spur with the switch over to the Castle 2650kv motor and Mamba Monster 2 Watrerproof ESC. The spur is the stock 32p (TRA3956) 54T. The pinion is the stock Castle 18T (MOD8) pinion, which I may move to a 20T once I start running the new combo (still putting it together).

Dividing 54 by 18 = 3.0 but this is not the number that needs to be input into this drive ratio setting. The default 11t when divided by 54 gives you 4.91 which clearly shows the value of 2.846 is something else. Does anyone know what this value is?

If you look at the gearing chart in the Traxxas manual, it doesn't refer to this "Drive Ratio" figure but the combo of spur and pinions. The stock 11t/54 spur gives you a value of 13.97 and an 18t/54 spur gives you a 8.54 value.

All this still doesn't explain where the 2.846 drive ration comes from??? I'm sure there is a simple explanation to this.

Extra info which is probably useless. If you divide 13.97 / 2.846 you get 4.9086. If you then divide the value of 8.54 from the Traxxas chart by 4.9086 you get 1.739. So my question still remains on whether the "Drive Ratio" in the link application should change from 2.846 as a result of changing to an 18T pinion.

Hopefully haven't confused everyone...