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Thread: Do ya think?

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    Do ya think?

    So I very much dislike the QR-1 because of its poor durability. It seems like the DR-1 is a lot harder to break because it's slower and larger. Parts (meaning motors) of the current QR-1 are broken, but do you think that Traxxas would let me trade it in for a DR-1?

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    I doubt they will trade but you never know until you ask.

    I have no experience with the DR-1 but I have owned similar coaxial helis. I think you will be disappointed if you end up with that style of heli. They have many more moving parts and are more prone to break and have issues because of it.IMO air craft dont get much more durable than a small quad like the QR-1. If it is too fast causing you to crash a lot slow it down with the beginner mod or you can even slow it down more by lowering the endpoints on the radio.
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