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    Is this car worth the money

    I was looking at possible buying a revo and I wanna know if this car is worth the money I would like to know how durable, realiable, fast, and how much fun one of these cars really are so anny opinions count so please leave feedback

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    I'm a little biased, so hopefully some others will offer their opinions. It's definitely worth the money, and is one of the most fun trucks to run. The inboard suspension works great and offers lots of adjustment potential if you want to do that, or you can just leave it as is. The brushed E-Revo is waterproof, so that opens up lots of options for you. Just remember to poke holes in your tires so they drain. Durability and reliability vary depending on the driver. If you have someone behind the wheel that can drive really well, avoid obstacles that can break things, and land every jump on the wheels, it will run quite a while before having to replace anything. If you're still learning and occasionally hit things or land on its nose, tail, or roof, then you will be working on it more. Out of the box, the brushed E-Revo will do over 30 mph.

    Fun also depends on the driver. Some like fast speeds, high jumps, and big rooster tails. Some like to precisely negotiate obstacles at lower speeds. The key is to get the vehicle that suits your desires the best.

    I hope that helps.
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