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    Tire and upgrade question?

    I recently bought a stampede 4x4 vxl and love it. We do alot of racing inside on slick concrete and was wondering what tires would be good for getting grip. the stock talons just dont grip enough for me and i am always looping it out it seems.

    Also was wondering what are some must do upgrades and does the steering stabilizer kit really help the handling of the 4x4 stampede?

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    Smooth slick concrete is REALLY Hard to get traction on. For on road use I have had the best luck with G-Loc tires by JC Concepts.
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    The trenchers may be quite good on that surface. They are quite a sticky compound and get very good traction. As long as your not doing insane full throttle 3s speeds as then they will balloon something silly.

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    And look at getting sway bars on your pede because it all helps dude plus welcome to the forum ...peace
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    Glocs are good for what you want.

    To improve handling, lower the truck and add a sway bar kit. Also, smaller tires will always handle better on smooth surfaces. Large tires are cool for going over rough terrain, but their extra mass and size reduce handling.

    Check out my p4de. It's setup more as a speed basher an race truck. It has SC trenchers, a lowered body, sway bars, stiffer shock setup, and the chassis is lowered. Handles fantastic now.

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