Hy guys first of all i am sorry for any grammar issues because i am a hungarian from romania

So i have a Summit and i love it. It is a very cool truck i had many HPI cars because in my city i have only a HPI dealer but the Summit rocks!

Yesterday when i went for a little rc session with my friends i started my Summit and in 5 meters it stopped. Servos worked but motor didn`t. i checked wires pulled out my batteries and changed them betwen them and when i started the truck it worked a few seconds and stopped again. I thaught it was some battery problem i changed the batteries but nothing. My ESC-s led was blinking red. What was strange i use the ESC in NIMH mode because the LVD kicked in to early and i didn`t like it. So i used two lipos with a buzzer for low voltage. I made a binding but nothing. After that i put the esc in LIPO mode and activeted LVD and the car started. I remade binding and RX/TX settings but when i put the ESC in NIMH mode (i mean LVD deactivated) then the red led is blinking. That day i used the Summit in LVD mode activated and i drowe it more than an hour, when LVD kicked in (to early and i dont like it) and cut the power down to 50% i tried again to deactivate LVD and still nothing, red led blinking and no power to motor servos are working fine. When i went home i charged my batteries i tried with my stock NIMH and still nothing, in LVD mode is everything ok but when i deactivate LVD no power to motor. I tried another TXRX (spectrum) but same problem.

Anybody had this problem? what should i try? I do not have any official traxxas dealers in my country so traxxas support and warranty isnt a solution.

I made a video to of the problem and i will be posting it soon.