First post one the forum so I will explain a little about my self... I've been into the hobby my whole life especially monster trucks and most of my time was spent with them back in the Clod Buster vs Double Dare/USA-1 days... I still have Clod Busters might I add... About 7 to 8 years back I got back into it a little while and got some T-maxx's since that was the top truck at the time.... Now I'm getting back into it again and with the brushless systems and lipo batteries it makes me feel all new to the hobby again which is fine. Like alot of people I want do away with the hassle of nitro.

What I want to do is convert one of my 2.5 T-maxxs to brushless as cheap as I can to use as a test dummy to get used to brushless. I've got the transmission, motor mount and battery issues taken care of but there's lots of brushless systems and lipo batteries to choose from. I know theres a lot of information on here about adding brushless to T-maxx but most threads are fairly old and theres alot of new brushless systems out that wasnt when those builds were happening. I would like to keep my price range in the $75 to $150 range if possible ($200 if I absolutely have to) for the motor and ESC. I've been looking at tons of them and can't settle on one.

The truck weighs right around 7 lbs with all of the non needed nitro stuff taken off... that makes me think that a 1/10th power plant would be enough... Tell me if I'm wrong? I dont need super power because the drive train will remain stock. I figure probably just a single 3s battery is what I would run most of the time but would like the option of more if I wanted to as the battery placement options are nearly endless with a T-maxx chassis.

What are some ideas on systems and sites to order from?

I've also read that some ESC's require certain amp lipo's or vissa versa.. A little input on that would be nice also.

One more question... Will my Super Brain 977 safely charge lipo batteries?

Thanks for any input you guys are willing to share.