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Thread: Been a while

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    Been a while

    Hello everybody

    Got into Stampedes and then Rustlers 7 or 8 years ago and had a lot of fun with them. Haven't done anything with them in the last 18 months - 2 years. Got sidetracked by other things. You know how it goes. Anyway, I dusted off my rustler last night and want to start messing with it again.

    It's widened up front, RPM arms all around, Rpm carriers and front bumper, aluminum bulkhead, castors, bellcrank, shock towers, and tranny case. Rpm wheels and Masher 2000's. The Traxxas wheely bar did not bolt up to the aluminum tranny I have (can't remember if it is integy or golden horizons), so I made a skid plate/ wheely bar mount/ tranny protector out of aluminium. It starts as a skid plate where the 4 screws are under the tranny, wraps up behind and over the tranny and motor and is tied into the backside of the rear shock tower. Adds a little weight to the back end, but I milled slots in it to lighten it up some and since I don't race, I really don't even notice the extra weight. What I do notice is the amount of abuse it has taken without even a wimper. Does a heck of a job protecting the motor and tranny from my abusive driving and gives me a place to mount my wheely bar.


    Anyway, I had a mamba system in my other Rustler but my car was broken into and they stole that Rustler. When I built this Rustler, I put a VXL system in it. I like it and its quick, but I liked my Mamba better. It was a Mamba Maxx with the 5700 motor. Looking at Castle Creations website, they have a lot more to offer now than they did 6 or 7 years ago when I last bought a Mamba system. My question is which system do you guys recommend for my setup, using 2 and 3 cell lipos, just for general bashing in dirt, gravel, a little bit of grass, and on the street. Not looking to break speed records or race. Just have fun. Is the Mamba Maxx Pro with the 5700 motor the way to go, or would the Sidewinder suit my needs better(it does have a friendlier price)? What is the advantage of the Sidewinder, other than price?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sidewinder is a no, Mamba Max Pro is the way to go.

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