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    Brandit, adjusting ride height

    I have noticed you can change screw locations on the front and rear axles of the bandit. I know it should be self explanatory on how to make the ride higher but can someone tell me the screw hole to use for a higher ride?

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    I think jang has a video series on youtube explaining suspension. I would watch them to decide whether you actually want to raise the ride height or maybe change the shock oil or springs or spring preload.

    The inner most hole will give the most clearance. I have a bandit with stock springs and 40wt shock oil with 2 of the thickest preload spacers on the rear in the inner most hole and I find it has decent clearance and the right amount of body roll, not too much but not too stiff for the general bashing I do. I've softened the front by keeping the stock shock oil and taking out all the preload spacers, again the shock is mounted to the inner most hole on the a arm.

    Good luck.

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