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    Cool lipo breaks what?

    so i have a brushless Maxx 3908 and i finally got my new lipos. i picked up some 7600 mah and got my castle link gonna program the esc this weekend for my first run. Im headed to Baja in about a week and want to make sure i have what i need if it breaks. so what is usually the first thing to break or the most common thing to break once you make the switch to lipo.

    below is a list of what i already have on my million dollar baby!

    Brushless 3908 comes with a Castle Mamba Monster 2200 Kv motor & MM ESC

    True track rear end
    RPM Front A Arms
    Front Shock tower and body posts combo (rear coming soon)
    bulkhead braces
    rear scuff plate
    Rear aluminum skid plate (switching out for stock and RPM scuff plate and center scuff plate soon.)

    Customized wheelie bar
    Aluminum front bumper RC Raven
    titanium rear bumper (forgot the brand from the 50% off bin!)
    FLM Aluminum Front bulkheads (getting installed soon)
    Sunshine Systems head light/tail light LEDs
    Proline Sling Shot Sand Tires on 1/2" offset desperado rims-for the beach (havent tried them out yet)

    Dusty Motors Shroud (in transit in the mail supposedly)

    Wish List of stuff on my radar already

    Castle motor fan ( do i need it?)
    FLM rear Bulk combo (bulkhead/gearbox or should i just pay the extra $20 and go Hybrid Bulk combo)
    Proline Trencher X tires
    RPM titan Stablemaxx offset rims
    Wingtote bag for my maxx and my ever growing pile of stuff!

    any suggestions???

    thanks everybody!
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    Looks good. Stock diffs are a weak point. The flm combo bulks use stock diffs. The hybrid bulks allow you to use much stronger 1/8th scale diffs. So i would go with the ultimate hybrids w/1/8th diffs. The stock plastic driveshafts are also a weak point. A lot of guys on here run the summit long shafts. Still plastic but stronger than the e-maxx shafts. Traxxas steel center shafts seem to be popular and hold up well. And traxxas steel cvds axle shafts also hold up good on 4s anyway. I see you already have the flm front bulkheads. If you decide to go with the hybrids and 1/8th diffs you will have to do the same on the front. The 1/8th diffs have a little lower gear ratio than the stock diffs so they need to be the same front and back. Hope this helps. Im shore others will chime in.

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    If you only have a week I doubt you have time to do the hybrid bulks but at the very least shim your diffs and have your slipper adjusted as loose as you can. And grab a spare clutch and extra spur gears

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    Maybe consider a different pinion for running in the sand. Or you may be able to adjust the ESC.

    I brought this up because I thought I read some where that running in the sand was getting the ESC and motor real hot.

    Cans of air duster and maybe some replacement bearings?

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