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    mini e revo brushed upgrades

    hey its me again, i have a brushed mini e revo at the moment i am upgrading
    1:transmitter and receiver to a 2.4ghz intstead of the 27mhz traxxas one,
    2:im getting a big block brushless motor Leopard 9T
    3: new esc 60A V2 ESC
    4:new pinion gear
    5:some lipos and charger.
    what else should i upgrade and what size pinion should i get and what lipo? i was thinking a 2s,
    is there anyone of those things i shouldnt get?
    (i dont want the stock v380 from the brushless)
    i chose bigblock because of the titan 12t 550 already in it.

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    blue lipo 2200mah 2s lipos would be great lipos to add to that order, for 3s 1800mah is as big as you're gonna find that fits. From there there's a number of different directions you could go to begin upgrading, I'd get some offset tires for performance and begin upgrading what breaks, get RPM suspension arms if you don't have them yet.
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    Don't forget the parallel adapter. You will want to run two batteries! For best performance I would get thunder power 65c or boost batteries and 2s is a good start. Don't know the max rpm of your motor but 2 cell will be safe

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