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    Smoking/melted esc

    So I balance charged up my battery and decided to run my car this morning as I wasn't having the best day.
    Plugged in the battery (3s lipo 11.1v 20c) tapped the ez start button and woof up in smoke pure white smoke pouring out like a smoke machine I immetiately unplugged the battery and examined the esc to notice the plastic has melted this thing is done.

    Let me go on to say that I purchased my summit on 2/7/13 and I drive maybe 1 pack every other day or so
    Most of the time I've been fixing it as it broke a lot until I finished my mods.

    How often does this happen with the VXL3m esc is it a complete loss?

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    The 3M doesn't really handle 3S very well.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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