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    Does the Mamba esc have a failsafe feature if it loses rx signal?

    I have a Flysky gt3c radio I am hacking for additional channels so I can control the diff lockers on my sum/revo. When I use the flysky 3channel x it has a failsafe built into it, but when I switch to the flysky 6/8ch receivers once I hack to radio, I will not have the failsafe feature. (flysky air rxs don't offer it).
    I had my Erbe go full throttle once while I was working on it because the tx batteries failed. Have a nifty little burn on my arm from the tires, and would rather not have at happen again or worse.

    Is there any method of implementing a failsafe in case of a radio failure with a rx not designed with one?

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    The fail safe is built in your rx, if it loose radio signal it will cut off.

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