The Nitro Slash, what a great truck!!! Stock it was fine, but now with a few upgrades it is amazing. I recently installed the (low RPM) tuned pipe, big bore shocks, and new wheels/tires.

The truck still does flips at top high speeds (do to not enough weight in the front and the body catching air) so I put some weights in the front, hopefully this will help. If not I can just get the wheelie bar. The tuned pipe really did make a difference, not so much in sound, but in performance(The throttle is much more responsive). The Big Bore shocks are great, I can go on some "big boy" jumps now. The tires that came on the vehicle STINK!!!!!!!! I hated them.... they make the appearance of the R/C car look better, but their overall performance was horrible. They completely fell apart after about 5 hrs of run time. And they do not get a-lot of traction in the dirt. Maybe its the way I drive but who knows!

I cant wait till the bodies become available for the nitro slash, for I have wrecked my a couple times and the body looks pretty bad! But more reviews to come I am installing new control arms soon and hopefully those weights work out for me.

New Tires/Wheels

Connor Duhon

If I could figure out how to post pictures from my MAC to this website I would.... But I can not figure it out.