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    Time for a new "4tec"

    I think its time Traxxas releases a new model for the 1/10th scale touring.. I see some posts here from 2002 and 2003.. This leads me to believe that Traxxas has deserted the touring group. You can't just keep slapping a new engine in the same frame and call it a new car.

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    I tend to agree because if you look you'll see that the 4tec still gets awards just in 2012 they got 1. Parts good parts are hard to find.
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    Thats one car that has lived many lives.. I still have mine, although I haven't run it in over 6 months.. Too cold..Not sure what you want them to do.. Its a Touring car.. Its already one of the fastest ones out there with the 3.3 and possibly even the 2.5R... Looks good and parts are cheap.. The only thing left to do is make it more race worthy but thats not the Traxxas way.. They are big RTR...The 1/10th nitro tc class isn't that popular anymore... 1/8 scale nitro (huge expense) and electric are the big classes now... I like mine just the way it is.. On the ragged edge but faster than just about anything else out there.
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    I still have mine too. I stole it used off eBay for $106.00 including shipping. The only thing wrong with it was it had a broken left front drive shaft and stub axle. I spent maybe $20.00 and had it running again. The rest was cosmetic. The bottom of the chassis is all scratched up as if it was driven on a really rough road.The car when I got it was filthy and obviously neglected. The body is in bad shape as well with cracks and scrapes but still functional. I have since the purchase of this car back in 2009, upgraded the Transmitter and receiver to Traxxas 2.4 GHz,removed the 4 AA alkaline battery holder and installed a Venom 1200 MAH NIMH receiver pack and removed the EZ-Start system and installed a pull start. I have a 2056 and a 2075 waterproof servos coming this week. The only thing I don't care for about this car is that the ride height is so low to the ground. Tiny pebble rocks can get caught between the pinion and spur gears and mess things up. A rock guard of sorts would have been nice but otherwise I love my 4-Tec.
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