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    New Slayer truck will not turn over.

    I just bought a Slayer and have been going thought the break in period. It has been running great, but yesterday (3-3-13) after running it on tank #6 I shut it down. I let it sit for about 30 minutes then went to show my brother the truck and it will not even turn over. Both green lights are on but nothing happens. Does anyone have any suggestions to what to look at?


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    Remove the glow plug and attempt to turn it over. Also try spinning the flywheel (counter-clockwise if facing the carb). If you have resistance in both cases, remove the head and see if there is any shrapnel. If there is still issues with it turning over, remove the engine and backplate and take a look inside.
    It could be that the piston is stuck at TDC and needs a little help to get unstuck. A good practice is to allow the engine to cool off with the piston at BDC.
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    same condition occured to me too....It freaked me out! i just used my finger to spin the flywheel and it was good to go. Happened a few time on me. I found out, it was just a tight engine. Once I ran it a few tanks, it loosened up and I havent experienced it since

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    One time i was playing after a very light rainy day,after i took a break my truck wouldnt start,no sound at all,both ligths were green,it tourned out to be that the EZ start motor had water gotten in through one of the oppenings ,let it dry for a sec. and we were good again,maybe thats one of the issues.......

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