I was the parent helper today at my Son's pre-school, since I was the helper he got to bring something for show and tell, he decided to bring his 1/16th brushless 4x4 Grave digger, so he passed it around and had to turn it on to show everyone the red LED headlights we put in it on the weekend, then the teacher asked if we could do a demo in the hallway, I was thinking ok cool, wasn't expecting that, he drove it a bit and it attracted attention from all the classes and kids started coming out to see it, everyone loved it and thought it was the coolest, then he wanted me to drive it so I could show what it could really do, so I rip up and down the hall way, pull some donuts, even managed a back flip of the wall, all was good until we noticed all the black streaks on the floor, it was a great time but I had to stay for an hour after class was done and scrub the marks off the floor. haha.