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    Thumbs up ~-~-~-New Sportmaxx owner with a few upgrade questions!-~-~-~

    Hey guys!

    Let me start off with, I'm not new to the Nitro scene, I've just been out of it for a very long time.

    I recently just purchased an older Sportmaxx with the 2.5R. It seems to be a great truck, I just had a couple of questions regarding upgrades! First off, that weak Steering Servo has got to go! What are you guys running and what do you recommend? I'm wanting something with lots of torque and prefferably metal gears. it does not have to be water proof. Any suggestions?

    Also, I'm getting a little tired of always having to replace the batteries in the truck, lol. I remember on my old T-Maxx, I had a re-chargeable Venom Hump Pack, but I'm not sure what size it was. Again, what do you guys recommend as far as a re-chageable Battery Pack? I'm looking for something that will provide the truck with lots of power and something that will get good run time.

    This truck is a basher for now, but I do have hopes of building it up and possibly racing it for fun at my local track!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Savox SC-0251 MG. Found on Ebay for 40 shipped. Metal gears and 222 oz of torque if I remember correctly. This servo moved my stock maxx wheels side to side with ease while sitting still.
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    Any 2/3A size 1200~1600mah 6V hump or flat pack will work.
    Stay away from the 5000mah Sub~C size pack as they are too big, they are for the 1/5 scale like the Baja & FG.

    Hump pack

    Flat pack
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    I run a hitec 645mg with no saver and a duratrax 1600mah hump. Couldnt be happier.
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    i use an A123 li-ion pack... high C throughput so no loss in torque or speed until minimal voltage. lasts a long time too... downside is they are expensive and you need a good charger

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    t-pro or solar servos... i use a t-pro 946 on my maxx for throttle and steering $12 each...
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    The savox servo says it is larger than normal. Can I stuill use it on my t maxx?

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