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    Glow Starter, and Pull Start?

    I really think this week can't get much worse. Yesterday, as some of you guys know, I ruined the spider gears in the front diff of my Summit. There's a 30$ mistake. But today, I thought I'd get my Slayer out after a 5 month rest. I had just started it, and it took off. I had forgot to turn my remote on, so now my Slayer was going full speed down the street. It kept going untill a parked Dodge Journey got in the way, and my Slayer went right underneth it. It tore off the roll bar, the body, the body mounts, the EZ Start motor tabs, the EZ Start wires, and it broke the glow plug wand in half. (it was still on the engine when it took off) So, to fix all that crap, with my Summit damage included, the grand total comes to $110. So, my question is, is getting a pull start worth it? My EZ Start wand is bad so it won't light the glow plug, hence why I'm using a glow plug wand, I need a new wire set, and a EZ Start motor. It's alot cheaper to get a pull starter, so what is the Pros/Cons of using a pull start? And, what yould be a good glow plug starter wand to get with it? I need to get one anyway, because the one I was using was my Dad's HPI's glow plug starter. Thanks for listening.
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    When the EZ Start motor threw a brush I switch to a pull start. Won't go back. All I need now is my Ofna AA ignitor in my pocket and if the engine stalls no need to go back to the car to get the drill for the roto-start or lug around the heavy/cumbersome wand.
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    +1 If you have a good tune pull starts are great. If you dont have a good tune, Well lets just say your gonna learn how to tune real quick. Or wear some blisters. I also like the fact that all I have to carry is a glow driver and fuel. Although I do have a holster for my cordless drill. It will make you look just like a pro newbie!!! LOL.
    BTW, your luck stinks. I hate it when that happens.

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    Pros: light weight, minimal parts needed. Con's: Poorly tuned motor = blisters.
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