I had a huge garage fire 2 nights ago and everything is gone, all is left is ashes.

I have insurance of course but i have no idea of how to get all my RC's back.

I had a Full FLM Emaxx, STRC slach 4x4, Proline/STRC Slash 2wd, 2 Tmaxx one was stock the other was an OS big block, Mini summits and erevo, 1000's of spare parts, i think i had everytire pro line makes and at least 2 bodies for each truck, I had 3 full back up diffs for the emaxx, an extra motor esc for the slash, the list can go on and on.

I can't just say I have an Emaxx I don't want just the stock Emaxx I want what i had before the fire.