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Thread: temp sensor

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    temp sensor

    who can tell me a little about it? i want to put one one my revo 3.3. already have the ipod and tqi, why not make it worth having. where/how does it mount? does it wrap around the motor? is accurate? is it worth having? thanks

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    Volt/Temp sensor. Temp loop attaches around the base fin of the cooling head. The grey plug inserts in the V/T slot in the receiver, the red into any open channel.
    I’ve compared the temp loop with several IR guns and as long as it stays snug around the cooling head, it was within a few degrees of the IR guns. If the loop becomes loose fitting you will get anomalous readings.
    The temp loop can also be removed from the sensor harness and the Volt reading will still function if you like things less cluttered and prefer an IR temp gun.
    If you get if for the Revo, get the long temp loop.
    No slipper/tall gearing/power = broken parts.

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    I use the tqi system with my iPod touch and I love it i set up mines so it shows temp and voltage..

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