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Thread: carb ?

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    carb ?

    hey i keep striping the skrews on my plastic carb a nd was wondering if they make a metal carb for the 2.5

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    As far as I know, there is no metal carb for any Traxxas engines. There is other carbs off of other engines that will fit on the TRX 2.5 how ever. Here is a great thread on other carbs. LINK What screws are you stripping out? If you stipping out the plug on the side of the carb, you can just expoxy it back in and call it good. Just becareful not to plug the fuel inlet.
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    Seems that the problem is not the carb itself but the one turning the screwdriver. You should determine why they are stripping.
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    The easiest way to strip these things is by "Cross threading" them... You really need to do this with your hands and feel how everything is screwing together,,,, force nothing, if it is not somewhat easy to turn by hand undo it and be sure...

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    ive noticed if adjusting the idle screw in, if you open the throttle a little then turn the screw its not so much stress on the plastic. ive stripped a couple idle screws just turning them in

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