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Thread: Overheating 2.5

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    Overheating 2.5

    SO i just rebuilt a used trx 2.5 and wanted to make sure it was still decent. So i put it on the chassis and hooked everything up and it fired right up. I did not put the wheels on and run it i just had it on the chassis outside. After about 5 mins or so once it started heating up it would start to smoke off the cooling head. I had it back to factory settings and it had a good idle. So I richened the HSN almost a full turn when all said and done and it was still smoking from the cooling head. WHY???? Its probly 40 degrees where i am so its not warm out and its not at high throttle im mainly just idleing.
    Is it doing this beacuse:
    Im not driving it anywhere so there is no air flowing over the head?
    Is there an air leak(i read a couple of threads on this)?
    The LSN and HSN to lean still?

    I know that the engine is working now so next run im gonna throw the tires on and try to retune and see what happens. The problem is i dont have a temp gun either.

    Any help or suggestions will be helpfull. Thanks!!!

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    I would think you lean on the LSN. Get a temp gun, best $25 you can spend.
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