looking at getting 2 8.4v 5000 Traxxas batteries for my stock brushed E-maxx -will the the extra 4000mAh over the stock 6000 be noticeable? (16.8- 6000 w/ 2 3000's) stock -(16.8- 10000 w/ 2 5000's)

OR should I bite the bullet and go hard case 7.4v 7000mAh lipo (x2 would be 14.8v-15.8v- 14000mAh+)?

What would you do?

cost of the 2 8.4's is $98 shipped

cost of the 2 lipo's is $163 shipped

then I'd also have to buy a $90 charger as well (just have a DTX 200 right now)