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    soldering question?

    i have an old 60wt iron but i feel it doesn't get hot enough so would a 30wt be good enough to solder battery's I plan on get a 4$ one from a local store. off brand.
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    If it`s a good brand like Weller, Ersa etc. I would say yes, otherwise go for 60. I have an old 30w Ersa and it is hot as heck and it can solder pretty thick metal

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    I use this one, it's pretty darn good for the money, it's a 50 watt Velleman, I'd put it up against a Weller any day. Price difference is crazy too. One thing, buy a couple extra tips for it if you get one, shipping from them is a little steep.
    I solder tiny laser circuits with it with no problem, and once you use a good soldering station you'll never use a cheap $5 iron again
    If you need one right now and can't wait, one time use thing, go with the cheap one. If you plan on doing real work on any kind of on going basis go with a good one.

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