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    My Ken Block rally setup

    Hey I've been lurking around here for around 3/4's of a year or so and figured I'd finally join in and post some stuff of my own. I originally got a used, stock, brushless ken block gymkhana fiesta off craigslist by trading some guy an old xbox of mine. Man I had no idea how hooked on this hobby I'd be by now. I have been loving bashing, breaking, upgrading, and rebuilding my car from the moment I got it, but have never really made the attempt to make it off road worthy. It hurts me a little inside every time I see the pictures others post of their ridiculous parts stockpiles and all while I'm having enough trouble just keeping my car working lol.

    So I just recently gave in and purchased some different springs / tires to take my ken block rally offroad. Some of the changes I've made to mine are as follows

    mods: integy piggyback shocks with different springs front and back, cant remember which exactly
    RPM hubs to eliminate wheel slop which there was way too much of originally
    Traxxas anodized aluminum push rods and soon to be toe links as well
    2200mah LiPos
    RPM upper and lower, front and back suspension arms
    trimmed front bumper for larger wheels / rubbing
    trimmed body posts to allow adjustment depending on camaro / ken block body
    HPI x pattern tires, hpi drift tires, stock ken block drift tires, traxxas drift tires, tamitya rally block tires
    Custom duct tape work on my beat to heck ken block body

    beat up body set up for off road driving

    other body + spare tires and other random crap including a set of lights I mounted on my Ken Block body but eventually tore out.

    pic I took out driving around at the stadium parking lot at my college

    I think my next purchase will be either a slash or rustler, both seem very versatile and fast, while viable options for both on and off road bashing

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