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    New Suspension works great (Pro-Line)

    yesterday was a nice day took my slash out and played a little bit got the truck going straight with the toe made some camber adjustments was having a great time with it and was very impressed on how different it seemed to handle got done playing at the outside track took it over to a friends place of Business and was running it the parking lot there for some speed times phone straped to inside of car in its zip lock bag have ulysses speedometer app (note to self buy real ziplock bags) and just blasting through a a puddle on the black top i guess it was about 20 ft in diameter well i ran it closer to the middle and the truck went AWAL the hole in the middle of that puddle had to be 12 inches deep if not better the truck went in and the front end popped up out of the water like a turtles head i couldn't even get to the truck it was still running i could see the water churning was a good day in all guess next step is to rebuild the motor and get new phone AGAIN !!!! this is getting old
    Anza Slash & a pile of Parts

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    No comment.
    Built Ford Tuff With Chevy Stuff.

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    like a turtle

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    Sounds like fun!

    A few of us are going to the indoor track in Landisville after work on Wednesday. You should stop by there and put some laps in. Track is open 4-10 P.M.

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    Skye are we related. Brother from another mother. That is the exact kind of stuff I do. Overall great job it would be boring if everything went right

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