So i have a used 2wd slash and it came with integy rs9 piggyback shocks(not my first choice of shocks). I threw 45wt oil in the front and rear. The front is great i wouldnt change a thing. The back is junk... They sag and are not very springy(even without the battery installed). i have twisted the shock spacer to its max so the spring would be as compressed as possible and it is still sagged. I threw on the stock rear shocks to see if those helped out at all and there about the same if not worst. I really want to buy the proline shocks all around but if they do the same thing i wont be happy. Will this be a good upgrade? Are the shocks that come with the prolines stiff?

Does anyone else have issues with slash being really back heavy?

One of my thoughts was that maybe the rear hinge pins were worn and not allowing the rear a arms as freely as they should?