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    Do I have to get a new battery?

    My lipo is swelling just a little. What are the odds of something happening. If I don't get a new pack? I just dropped $500 in the hobby last weekend and don't have much left in my budget.

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    assuming its a traxxas lipo which i dont think it is since my last post was deleted so i will no comment then. dont use it though all i can say
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    Don't use it.
    Fully discharge and dispose of it... even Traxxas does not cover puffed LiPo's as far as I know.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Three (plus) threads on the same subject is more than enough. You are asking for support of non-Traxxas items on the Traxxas forum. That is not permitted.
    In the interest of safety, I will repeat what others have said, "A puffed LiPo is a hazardous thing." Use at your own risk and fully acknowledge that wherever you put it, anything around it is in danger.
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