Heaters Slash to Rustler Conversion

Now why would someone want to convert a Slash to a Rustler? I have several reasons for wanting to do this but the 2 main ones are: Lower center of gravity and I've never owned a Stadium truck before but always wanted to.
Starting out with a bone stock 2wd Slash. First thing to go was the stock brushed system and in goes the VXL motor and esc. I had these left over from a Slash 4x4 and to be honest I think this motor is much better suited to 2wd than 4wd.

Ran a few packs through it and decided, Yup, I still want to do the conversion. 2 orders from Tower Hobbies later and time to tear things apart!

Front end comes off the Slash. New RPM Wide bumper. Constantly amazed at how easy Traxxas makes things easy to work on.

Steering servo mounted. And yes I found out later that the Slash steering rod you see here is too long.

Front end, Steering bellcrank, all transferred over. New JConcepts GLocks were used for tires. I run about 80% pavement so I thought that would be a good compromise.

Still using the original Slash arms. May go to the wider Rustler or Jato arms later if it seems necessary.

Transmission and rear assembly comes off the Slash. Couldn't get the install on the new Rustler chassis to go quite right because of the long screws on the upper control arm mount. Loosened the shock tower and took the body mounts off and everything lined up perfect.

Shock tower back on and everything buttoned up.

Starting to look like a Rustler!

Now at this point I realized that I had missed several parts in my first order.

I'll try to list all the parts needed to do this conversion if anyone is stupid enough to do it.

81162 RPM Front Bumper
3723A Upper Chassis
3722A Lower Chassis
1914 Body Mount
2537 28mm Rod
2742 Rod Ends
2552 Screws 1pk
2542 Screws 1pk
3727A Battery Strap
3725 ESC Mount
3628 Receiver Box
Tires of your choice.

Additional parts
Proline Desert Rat body
ST3632R STRC Aluminum Caster Blocks (optional)
ST2267R STRC Aluminum Shock Caps (optional)

Going to hit the LHS within the next couple of days to see if they have any of the parts I forgot. Will order the rest online and then finish this conversion.

Very excited to finally be a stadium truck owner after 26 years in the hobby. (Dang has it been that long?)
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