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    Slayer 3.3 Out of Control!

    Hey guys i have a slayer 4x4, when i turn it on the engine revs real high and it starts to take off on me. Im pretty sure it is not the batteries because it also has trouble STOPPING! which is not good lol, are there any adjustments i should look out for, any help is much appreciated! Thank you

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    Check the idle screw setting?
    Anything broken at the carb?
    How's the throttle servo position?
    Does the brakes work at all?

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    I'd check and see if the clutch spring broke. If the spring broke, the clutch wouldn't disengage, making it want to drive away. It also explains why it's hard to stop. Hope this helps!
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    is your radio on check your servo adjustments on it as well?
    and adjustsmens on the brake pads are probably needed
    and do a pre check to make sure your servos are working properly
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