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Thread: Traxxas battery

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    Traxxas battery

    My slash 7 cell 3000 mah battery stopped working for no reason it is still in perfect it stopped working

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    maybe a cell went out it happens every once in awhile
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    Measure the voltage...should be about 9.5 fully charged. If you're at about 8.1V, you've got 1 bad cell....around 6.7, 2 bad cells, etc...

    If only one bad cell, make it a 6 cell pack. If 2 bad cells, yer screwed.

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    nimhs generaly go bad over time, If all of a sudden it went from ok to dead there maybe a problem with connection, Discharged too low a few times, charged too high current, or a problem elsewhere.
    check the voltage is a good sign. For 7cell, anything higher than 10.5V is not good, anything lower than 7.7V is bad.
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