i put a new 3.3 in my revo last weekend, did the break in and ran a few tanks through it before i stripped spur gear. i replaced it, and then the clutch shoe spring snapped, i replace it. now the 3.3 is kind of erratic. i got the idle to an acceptable level. it's not totally perfect, but its a lot better than what it was. but when i run the truck, it will take off good sometimes, other times not. it doesn't always hit 2nd gear. i've leaned it out some, so it goes into 2nd more often now than before. i though it was too lean, but my temps are 190, which is low for me (i am for the 230 range), so i lean it out then it bogs.

also after a wot and i start braking, it gives off a high pitched which and the rpm's go up and down until it comes to a complete stop. i've messed with the cb-spur mesh and i think it's ok. i've tighted and loosened the slipper clutch nut and i've gotten better running results with it tighter, but i still get the crazy rpm stuff when slowing down. it also creeps at idle after it's been running. when i start it, it wil sit and idle, but while running it tries to roll forward. any ideas???