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    2 steering wheels. how to do it help.

    i want the controler in the lower utube vid. anybody know how this was done. with vids of the mod. id really like more control on rear steering instead of a all the way left/right with a 3 way switch.

    i have torn apart a old fm traxxas radio with a wheel. the switch has the three wires i need right. i noticed the 2.4 radio the wheel switch has 5 wires coming off it. thats why i choose a fm wheel switch with 3 wires.. i will use a different wheel eventually.

    i also have the trim switches. would one of these work to run a servo. they have 3 wires also. id glue a wheel on it. sorry if this was a dumb idea for a wheel switch. but i got to ask.

    i also know the following to switch a 2 channel to a 4 channel.

    i have already modded a summit controler, and it was fun. id like to takle this project to with some help.
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