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    2.4 GHz Antenna modding for longer range?

    Has anyone learned any way to mod their receiver's antenna or transmitter's output power to make their car have even longer reception range on the 2.4Ghz system? I know the full wavelength for this frequency is right under 5 inches so making a longer antenna might not help much. In the case of a 27mHz radio you have plenty room for improvement as far as antenna length since that full wave is something on the order of 35 feet. But aside from buying the TQI transmitter (which the range being better on this vs. my stock TQ radio is likely negligible) is their any way to increase the output from the antenna? I have 14500 4.2v li-ion cells which are basically AA sized batteries but higher voltage, lithium chemistry, of course I don't know the input voltage limits on the TQI transmitters.... Has anyone attempted to increase the radio's power output?
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