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    Optidrive bypass

    Can someone please help me with how to bypass my optidrive? I'm having an issue with my throttle servo intermittently hesitating and not responding. Not a good thing when you're at full throttle!

    I've ordered a FOC to eliminate the opti drive. Really just curious to know if the optidrive is the cause of this problem.

    Also, any recommendations on a fail safe, other than the optidrive brand?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you have the 2.4 radio, an aftermarket failsafe will not work. The 2.4 has one built it. To bypass optidrive, just unplug it from the receiver and plug your steering and throttle in the receiver. You can keep the reverse if you want it, just be careful not to shift it until you come to a complete stop.
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    I could be worng but I am unsure the optidrive would cause this to your throttle, as above just remove it and see how you go.. are you sure its not faulty servo or sluggish, clitchy or chattering servo? to to wire it directly to the receiver and enure its working smoothly and correectly, you dont need to be on the move to do this just a bench test..

    it could be you receiver? 2.7 are a little twitchy in my opinion the 2.4 has so much less interfearance..

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