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    2wd Slash on the Snow

    So I found a 2wd Slash (brushed) with the 2.4ghz radio.. The brushed doesn't bother me as its for a 7 year old, but I really want a 2.4ghz radio from the start.

    Anyways, how do these things do on the snow? Usually packed snow out on the road in front of our house - never plowed by the city, but packed by neighbourhood traffic? I can imagine that the Stampede would do better, but to get that in a 2.4ghz model would require the VXL model which is even more expensive, and probably way to fast for a 7 year old newby to the hobby.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Quite honestly if you havent already got one the brushless is the way to go. You can set it so that it doesnt go top speed until hes ready for it. The brushed motors tend to die out very fast and he will probaby outgrow the speed of that vehicle. Also, the brushless vehicles come with many upgrades out of the box that the brushed ones dont have. The slash will have major trouble in anything over an inch of snow imo.
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    Snow is rough. Especially for my 7yr old. He really can't keep it straight even with upgraded tires. But the truck is a great starter truck. When his 2nd Titan goes I will certainly go brushless and just put it on training mode. I can't see this Titan making it too Memorial Day.

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    Unpacked snow of more than 1 inch is a no-go. It just digs in until it gets high centered and can't go. If its packed you lose a lot of speed and control.
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    I run this one after the snow mobile's pack the snow down,but as mentioned above,in light unpacked snow,even the 4x4 slash isn't good for much.
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    hey guys i bought a 2wd slash robby gordan edition back in december so me and the misses would be able to have fun together and shes not a huge fan of the cold so i ended up making it my own and just ordered the deckar edition so soon enough we'll be headed to our local beach for some fun

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