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    Slash bell cranks

    I had installed some new bell cranks in one of my 2wd Slashes yesterday. After our Saint Pattys day friends and family race/bash event, my son-in-law had the same sloopy front end and here is what I did to correct his issue since we did not have another new set of bell cranks.

    I did not know that the bell cranks had a removable plastic bushing/bearing on each end, once noteing this I remove the defective insert and just happen to have some 8mm x 5mm bearings that fit perfectly.

    I only had 2 ea of the flanged and 2 ea with out...Here is a couple pics.

    This is the plastic bushing removed.

    And this is the flanged bearing installed.

    I did this to the other side as well even though it seemed ok.

    After dinner we drove again and what a difference it made in his truck.

    I really liked how nice and smooth the steering turned out that I'm going to do the same to the LCG chassis I just completed.
    "enjoy your ride"


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    First thing I did to tighten up the steering for racing. Metal bearings instead of plastic bushings. How did they think those wouldnt wear out I dont know.

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