My collection is mostly rare or unusual versions of T-Maxxes

1999 Model 4910 T Maxx .15 all stock/original w/box

2006 Model 5109 S Maxx 2.5 all stock/original w/box

2006 Model 4909 T Maxx 3.3 all stock/original

Model 4910 T Maxx Ultra Lite carbon fiber chassis, Sirio .18

Model 4910 T Maxx All aluminum shelf queen

2006 Model 4910 T Maxx 2.5 w/GraveDigger body (truck is for sale)

XTM BB Chassis T Maxx w/ Sirio .27

HCR Mutant Maxx (build in progress)

Prohobby Phase 7 Pistol Chassis (build in Progress)

The oddball of the family:

2013 Summit 5607X All stock w/SPC Lipos