Hi guys, newbie on the forums but a long time lurker. So I'm replacing my stock VXL-3S Velineon system in my slash 4x4 with the Castle Creations Max Pro Sct Combo/1415-2400Kv Motor, and wanted to know what gears you'd reccomend for speed runs (2400kv). I won't be doing any bashing. Mainly for racing. I won't be racing it at any tracks yet, but in large parking lots and flat pavements. I currently been running my VXL on 3s, 13/54 & 18/54 and it rips pretty nicely but I'm getting tired of it and wanted something a little faster. Maybe a gear combo with higher top end, but good acceleration.

What's on my slasher so far.

1. RPM arms all around.
2. Proline Streetfighters
3. aluminum towers rear/front (i think by traxxas)
4. Traxxas 3S, 11.1V, 5000mAh, 25C "Power Cell"
5. STRC chassis (not installed yet)
6. Rulux Wheels by jconcepts on JCONCEPTS G-Locs 2.8" Tire w/Insert (not installed yet).
7. Pro-Line PowerStroke installed already.
8. sway bars rear/front

Everything else is stock.

Thanks guys