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Thread: LiPo help.

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    Question LiPo help.

    My Traxxas 1400 mAh LiPo isn't functioning properly. Only two cells seem to be charged. The E-Z Peak plus says that it is over voltage and one balance lead popped out. Help please!
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    pack might be no good... what i do with mine is fill up a container with water, add a cup or so of salt, cut the leads off the battery and drop it in... this will neutralize the chemicals in the battery making it totally disposable...

    some say leave it over night, some say a few hours... i leave it over night and throw it in the trash in the morning

    if you can get the balance lead back in id see if i could discharge jsut that one cell down to match the others then see how the pack preforms...
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    It is a Traxxas battery... call Traxxas!!
    The warranty covers a lot, this issue may be covered.
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    traxxas customer service time give them a call sounds like since its not swollen and its a wire that came off they may cover it after all your using their charger too not that it should make a difference though
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuskye25 View Post
    ... this will neutralize the chemicals in the battery making it totally disposable...
    Salty water will not neutralize the chemicals, salt is there to make water conductive and it will fully discharge the battery so it cant catch fire. You can do the same thing by connecting the battery to light bulb or any other current consumer.

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    yea i wouldnt do the salt water method, it is not supposed neutralize chemicals, its supposed to drain the batt. but ive read elsewhere the exposed metal will corrode before full discharge. so when you try check the voltage, it reads nothing when really there is some left.

    from the research ive done it seems the light bulb method has less potential danger.

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