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    Transforming a used brushed E-Revo into a budget brushless basher.

    I need a little help. I just bought a used 1/16th E-revo with an AM tx/rx and a brushed 380 motor. Everything seems to work fine but it needs a little tlc. My goal is to make this a budget brushless basher so I need to prioritize purchases. I just received the truck today but so far I have ordered a 380 Velineon motor and another set of shocks from ebay. I plan on using a Traxxas TQ 2.4ghz radio and receiver that I already have. I also plan on running 2s lipos single or in parallel but would like the option to run 3s. I have printed out a manual and I just wrote Traxxas about getting the exploded view PDFs because the links are dead. Please feel free to PM me any suggestions or links.

    Priorities for this build.
    1. Disassemble truck and dye chassis (and other parts?) black.
    2. What should I look for and fix while the truck is apart?
    3. I want the suspension to move smoothly with more travel. What do you suggest?
    4. Remove slop/wobble from wheels. I've read about shimming and aluminum knuckles. Anything else I should try?
    5. I need a budget ESC. The Velineon motor is 25A constant and 50A burst correct? If I can find a 1/10 Sidewinder cheap I will get it. How are the 35A brushless car ESC's from Hobby Partz? Other suggestions?
    6. Protection. T bone or RPM bumpers? How is the wheelie bar in the 4 piece T-Bone set? Can I run a combo of the T-bone brace and RPM bumper?
    7. I need budget 2s lipos that fit. I've read about the 2200mah from the popular Chinese store. Are there others that might be available in the US?

    Other miscellaneous questions.

    8. Will the screws in the stock brushed motor work in the brushless VXL motor?
    9. The manual says I have a 50T spur and 18T pinion. Will that keep the 380 Velineon motor cool?

    This will be a slow restore and build so I think that is enough for now. I will continue to search the forums as I go. I'll also try and post pics soon. Thanks.
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