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    How to reverse steering

    Just upgraded the servo in my Summit VXL with a Hitec HS-85MG. However I need to reverse the steering, because right now if I turn the transmitter to the left the truck turn right, and vice versa.

    It has the 2.4GHz transmitter with only the steering adjustement and a single SET button. All instruction I found here are for the more complex transmitter.



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    i did a quick Google but could not find a traxxas 2.4 with only 1 set button.. Are their any switches/pot adjustments on the front or back of the remote? If you can find the Model# sticker on the remote try searching for that online

    Woops just went to the traxxas site.. Its in the manual page 13
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    Thanks, I've found them, will try them tonight.

    Steering reversing procedure:
    1. Press and hold the SET button on the transmitter for two seconds.
    The status LED will flash green.
    2. Turn and hold the steering wheel to the full left or full right
    position (it does not matter which position you choose).
    3. While holding the steering wheel in position, press the SET button
    to reverse the channel.
    4. The channel is now reversed. Confirm correct servo operation
    before running your model.

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