Okay guys I know your thinking.. Awww not one of these again

But this ones different..
So these are my current upgrades..
-avid bearings all around
-rpm rear shock tower
-wheelie bar..
-castle mmp and 3800kv motor.
Think that's all..

And so Im buying a STRC skid.. 16.50$
So I need a relatively cheap part to get me over the 20$ mark.
Why the 20$ mark..

Because for every purchase over 20$ my LHS gives you a stamp and once there are 10 stamps on your card you get 20% of your next purchase

So I just need a rpm part or something

So just list all the parts you have broke from day one
The most common break.. *other then rear carriers and castor blocks and steering blocks
Will be on my wants list
If they don't have the #1 most broke part I'll ask for whatever comes as #2
Thank and all answers appreciated