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    Car or batteries???

    I have a traxxas 4x4 slash stock. Nothing modified at all. I broke an a arm about a year ago and got lazy and didn't fix it. About 2 weeks ago I got the bug again and decided to get it going again. So I spent some good time going through the car making sure all the screws were in and nothing else was broken. When I went to charge my batteries they did charge couldn't tell u how far. But when I plug them into my slash they will take off like normal you know fast spinning tires and throwing gravel and then just slows down it does this with the lipo I have and my 7 cell batteries. I ordered a new traxxas lipo but I'm not sure if that's the problem. A few times my slash would not go at all then I would unplug and replug it would run for a few then do it again. Nothing was hot on the car at all. Any ideas

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    this might be best placed in the slash 4x4 forum as this is the lipo forum and gets attention but not for support of a slash there its more traffic. sounds like to me though a esc issue perhaps. you need to check your lipo using a multi meter each cell on the balance plug or you can get a cell checker for the voltage on ebay they have them for like $3-4 or spc racing has them too.
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