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    3.3 fuel delivery problem

    I can't get my new 3.3 to start back up. The break-in went well and I went to run it today and t won't pull fuel into the engine. If I take the fuel tubing off the carb and try to start it fuel just come pouring out, but when I connect it and try starting it, even with my finger over the exhaust, the fuel doesn't move thru the line. Anyone know what's wrong with my engine?

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    The carb may be blocked.
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    It's either a pushing, or pulling problem. Either some thing is blocking the carb like Double G said, or the engine can't build up enough of a vacuum to pull fuel through the carb. Could be a bad air leak, or something blocked the carb. I doubt that the carb is blocked though, all 3.3 fuel tanks have a fuel filter built into them. Good luck, hope this helps!
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    Try turning your carb needle 2 full turns counter clockwise and see if it will then prime,,, if it does then go ahead and return the carb nedle back to what it was... Sometimes the tiny o-ring can get hung up on the needle doing this will help release it and when the fuel goes through lubricate it... It's worked for me a couple times...
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