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    Any updates for the traxxas 1/16 series of vehicles

    I was wondering is Traxxas updating the 1/16 vehicles since they are updating every other vehicles in their arsenal. The reason being is if they are not going to support the 1/16 or discontinue it, I am thinking about buying the Vatarra Kemora 1/14. But if Traxxas is going to update the 1/16th i am going to get the boss 302. I am going to get back into rc since i sold my traxxas slash 4x4 ultimate 2 months ago to help pay for classes and figure i would try something different. Thanks D

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    The 1/16 cars are still very widely supported aftermarket. The Vaterra is a good car, but not really the quality of the Rally/Boss/Fiesta. Think more about why you would want to get either of the two. The VXL-3s ESC can be finiky an tempermental, and the motor system in the Vaterra is the Dynamite Fuze 280 brushless. No experience with it personally but the 1/10 scale Fuze system seems to get replaced very quick after people get their truck/car.
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    the esc gets replaced plenty on the traxxas too, but the motor is pretty solid. the 1/16ths also have somewhat fragile, poorly designed knuckles, shocks that leak, and diffs that need shimming. might be less a problem for rallys w smaller tires. look up some common problems/upgrades.

    im sure the 1/14ths have issues as well, im just not familiar w them. seems like a 1/10th esc/motor in a 1/14th would provide more power for the vehicle compared to a 1/16 system in a 1/16th scale. wonder why people are swapping em out, are the electrics iffy like the vxlm, or just because people always want more power.

    as far traxxas discontinuing their minis, i dont see that happening any time soon, theyre great sellers. and they have been making the stampede platform for like ten years. i would say read more about each on non-biased forums (not traxxas or horizon/vaterra, try ultimaterc or rcgroups), watch some reviews, etc

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