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    Problem with DR-1 Rudder trim

    I am having issues with my DR-1 turning find to the right but not the left. When I try to adjust it using the trim buttons, nothing happens. I have to have the rotors cracked up to adjust the rudder trim, is that normal? Once I can get it adjusted just heli just wants to spin. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    mine also likes to pitch to the right a bit, I get it close as I can. then land the heli for 3-5 sec and the controller will re-center the rudder channel.

    Lately after some crashes I get a lot of forward pitch even though I have it trimmed back, think I have a loose shaft or other issue somewhere lol

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    Coax choppers will always turn one way better than the other, it's just their nature.

    The tail trim does appear to only be adjustable when the heli is powered up.
    Trimming the tail is something that I have found should not be done. The gyro re-centers when you land and power down, not the trim, which will leave you always chasing the trim.

    If you want it to rotate faster adjust the rate on the channel.

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