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    Decisions, Decisions I think know what i am going to buy.

    So about two weeks ago I sold my slash 4x4 to help pay for some classes. Man I am itching for another rc ever since. So I have been touring all the forums to figure what I want to do. I looked at 1/8th cars, monster trucks, onroad drifting, or get another slash 4x4. I figure with 1/8 I don't have the room to really stretch it legs out, monster trucks most I was looking at were out of my price range. Except the new one by Associated but it seemed cheap. Touring cars, it seem like it wouldn't last a good bashing same for drifting. Slash 4x4 ultimate is cool but it is way more exspensive than when I payed for mine. I already had a slash 2wd. I was looking at the new Vaterra kemora but it just looks like you can't make it tough enough even though it looks pretty cool. But I have decided to join the club. I plan on buying a boss 302 when I get my coaching check. It s tough, it small but not too small and it is fast. Plus I wanted to try something different. I was also wondering should i go with rpm knuckles or aluminum knuckles?
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    I've had both rpm, and aluminum..... never broke either kind

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